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  1. 9
    My husband and I had been having issues with our WiFi signal for years. A week ago things went terribly wrong and nothing would connect to the internet (No Netflix?!?!). In addition to this, our laptops were running painfully slow. After a 1 hour phone call with Xfinity Tech Support and an actual visit from a tech to our home, no one could tell us what was wrong. A friend recommended Mike and I contacted him immediately. He came to our home and was able to get us back on-line after identifying our router as the main culprit. He also moved some wires and relocated our modem to a more central area of our home. He cleaned up our laptops and added malware protection. Mike is easy to communicate with and did a wonderful job. I will be using him for all future issues.
    Adrienne G.
  2. 1
    Mike was terrific. A complete professional that was flexible on scheduling and patient with my requests. He made me very comfortable and no question was a stupid one!
    Mary Pat F.
  3. 3
    Great customer service very willing to help. Takes the time to explain the do and don't. Will definitely use them again.
    Chris F.
  4. 11
    Mike was extremely responsive, friendly, and helpful in assisting me with my computer repair. He got everything fixed in a timely manner so that I could have my computer back asap! He sought out and purchased the replacement parts for me to ensure the parts would be the correct piece for my computer. He also installed malware and virus protection as a courtesy and ran scans to clean my computer. He even returned my computer with the screen and keyboard shiny and clean! I would definitely recommend his service to anyone in need of computer assistance!
    Kayla H.
  5. 10
    Very professional and thorough. We discussed repair of a laptop which required a new hard drive. Very pleasant!
    Pastor Gloria
  6. 12
    Once again, Mike has scanned my computer. He got all the bug a boos out and it is operating perfectly. The great thing about Mike is that he is available at whatever time is best for you. So on Saturday morning, he logged into my computer. He downloaded my latest subscription of malware protection and I went back to cooking breakfast. I know that he will always conduct himself in the most efficient and ethical way. His prices are completely reasonable. Mike is truly a genius. If you want unmatched expertise, great customer service and a fair PC Technologies TODAY!!
    Fergie W.
  7. 13
    I bought an alcatel one touch phone and was having issues with charging. I contacted Mike Schafer for cost of repair and he gave me a quote but also suggested that I purchase a new phone as repair cost would be well over $100 to repair and not worth my money. I appreciated his honesty as he could have taken me for my money.
    Georgia S.
  8. 5
    Great local small business! If you need help w fixing your computer or even learning how to use it, Mike will help.
    Erin H.
  9. 14
    Mike knows his stuff, and will get you straightened out.
    Bob M.
  10. 15
    Highly recommended!!! Wouldn't use anyone else.
    Jon J.
  11. 6
    Mike is so easy to work with and got my computers and printer all cleaned up and running! Also, helped me getting my website up and running!! Thanks Mike!
    Brenda E.
  12. 16
    Definitely Mike Schafer PC Technologies 410-575-3230
    Sharon B.
  13. 17
    Call Mike ! He helped me out with an issue, and he's local.
    Mitch E.
  14. 8
    Great guy to work with and very well versed in computer lingo. Asset to the community!
    Sabrina Z.
  15. 2
    Mike is really great to work with and very knowledgeable. In the major recent thunderstorms we have had my house was hit 6+ times in 4 weeks. Comcast came to my house and indicated the bolt came through my phone lines and could no longer be used. The chain of who to call was orchestrated by Mike who figured out that Comcast had not grounded my cable line. When Comcast came out I was suggesting to them what to check and had a great technician arrive that day. After I explained the issues-the losses I had and having to hire Mike out of pocket to fix this he found that Mike was right! They had not grounded my cable line and the lightning strikes were coming in through their cable line and fried three of their modems, two ADT modems, all of my NetGear mounts for ADT and their DVR and ultimately my Firestick and an HDMI port in my 4 months old receiver. They should be paying Mike! All I can say is that I have used Mike when I was in management running multiple computers, phones, adding surround side for hearing impaired. I don't care what it has been, if it is technical in any way I call Mike. He is worth every penny he charges because he knows his business. Good luck Mike!
    Marsha H.
  16. 18
    Mike is the best! Knowledgeable patient and easy to work with.
    Susan A.
  17. 4
    Thank you so much! I don't know what I would do without you. You have kept our small business up and running and provided a ton technology enhancements for our business. I know I can always count on you. You really do treat your customers like family!
    Mark A.
  18. 7
    PC Technologies came to my rescue when I added a new printer to my network and couldn't get it to print. Mike got it fixed and also called my attention to the fact that I had no malware protection. We got that set up and found malware on all my computers!! Whew. Thanks for all your work, Mike. Great job and I highly recommend your work.
    Janet M.
  19. 19
    I just wanted to thank you so much! Highly recommended. Reliable and honest. Thanks Mike at PC Technologies!
    Kim M.
  20. 0
    I want to give a big shout out to Mike Schafer for all the help he has provided me with my laptop issues. I discovered Mike on Next Door (a very helpful website.) Initially, Mike helped me with my very old laptop because it wasn't operating very well. However, the more we talked about things it became obvious I would benefit most by getting a new laptop. Mike helped me configure what I should get based on the ways I use a computer. After the new laptop was received Mike worked on it to get everything up and running. And, since then he has always been there for me. Unfortunately, I recently made a BIG mistake by allowing a fake company (supposedly AOL Service but NOT legit) access to my laptop. After I realized what I had done I contacted Mike and he totally cleaned everything off the computer that was affected and/or would allow this fake company to access the laptop. Won't make that mistake again! I now have it locked into my brain to ALWAYS call Mike before doing anything out of the norm! I am very appreciative of Mike's professionalism, patience, and understanding when working with me. Thanks Mike!
    Noreen D.
  21. 20
    Mike, thanks for the great job of getting my wireless connection fixed. I am dead in the water when I can't communicate on the computer. Your skills at diagnosing and solving technical problems are amazing!! I will highly recommend you to my friends.
    Janet M.
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